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Fabulous Four!

Dhanayah, 12/23/03, is shy, sweet, helpful and the best big sister her siblings could have. She loves her family and also finds solace being around animals, especially horses.
Nevaeh, 10/11/07, is intelligent and creative with a shining personality. She loves participating in local cabaret theater and spending time with her siblings.
Tariq, 9/3/10, is an active, inquisitive and affectionate little boy with a huge loving heart. He is very attached to his siblings and misses them when they are a part.
Dezi, 2/24/13, is a happy and active little girl who loves attention. She is silly and a joy to be around. A bright spark, her speech and vocabulary are advanced for her age.
All four children share a close bond and would like to maintain contact with their older brother, Sahbay. If you would like to open your heart and home to these children, please contact Karen Knodel at 215.355.6500. Ext 193

Photographer, Terry Hirst
Fabulous Four!