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Is there a place in your Heart ... Is there a place in your Home?

What is Heart Gallery Philadelphia?
           Every child deserves a family. In Philadelphia, there are hundreds of foster children who are longing for just that. Heart Gallery Philadelphia is collaborating with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services to bring these children closer to that dream. To achieve that goal, Professional Photographers volunteer their time and skill to create beautiful, compelling portraits of foster children in Philadelphia, which become a traveling exhibit. The goal is to raise adoption awareness, but more importantly to give voice to the many foster children in our community looking for their “forever family”. Ultimately, our hope is that through these portraits prospective parents will be moved to adopt. These children are considered harder to adopt,  ranging in age from 5 to 17, minorities and/or in sibling groups. They are deserving of our attention, our compassion, our help, and our respect.

Great kids are looking for their forever family
Why not make 2014 the year that you become a
"Forever Family" to one of these deserving children?

Click Here for our 2014 Gallery of Kids waiting for their Forever Families



, born June 26, 2003,  is an 11 year old, who is described as generous, friendly, and out-going.  He is also a wonderful story teller.  With his abundance of energy, he loves to color, draw, and play video games. He also loves to have adult attention.  Playful and funny, Allan has a bright smile and will light up when talking about airplanes! He would like to be a pilot when he grows up! His goal is to travel around the world.  One of his favorite past-times is to make paper airplanes.  Allan is in the 5th grade and receives specialized educational services for learning and emotional support. He has a diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder and needs specialized treatment to help him with his socialization and communication challenges.  Allan does well with younger peers but he would do best as the youngest or only child in the home.  He also would do well with a family who can provide him with a structured, consistent environment.  If you have a completed home study and would like more information, please contact Karen Knodel at 215.355.6500 x193

photography :




David, born July 10, 1997, is one wonderful 14-year-old who eats, sleeps and breathes sports. He especially loves basketball and is really good at it too. In school, gym wins hands down as his favorite class, although he’s into science and math as well. Pizza wins for favorite food. Asked what he likes best about himself, David responds, “I like that I’m nice, that I’m smart, and funny too.” Good with the jokes, he loves nothing more than to make people laugh. For the future his dream is to play with the NBA. For now, it’s to be a part of a loving “forever” family. If you have a completed home study and would like to open your heart and home to this David, please contact Karen Knodel at 215.355.6500x193.

Photographer: Terry Hirst




Desmond is an energetic eight-year-old with a winning smile and loving heart.  Like most kids his age, he’s into computer games, but also loves playing outside with friends both at home and at school. Thanks to a personal trainer friend, he’s developed a keen interest in fitness, and particularly enjoys basketball and shadow boxing. At school, Desmond works hard to earn good grades, and thanks to a smaller classroom where he receives individual attention, he is learning fast and accomplishing the tasks at hand.  As for wishes, he’s got only one: Desmond longs for a “forever” family—hopefully with a couple of siblings—and lots of love. If you’d like to open your heart and home to Desmond, please contact Kareema Spearman at 215.683.6301.

Photographer: Ed Wheeler



This beautiful 15-year-old has eyes that sparkle and a big heart to match. Like any teenage girl, Emonie loves hanging out with friends- whether at the mall , the movies or at home, painting nails or fixing each other’s’ hair.  Emonie also likes to read and listen to music, especially to artists like Beyonce and Chris Brown. Describing herself as a “nice, intelligent kid,” she works hard in the classroom where she not only gets good grades, but learns how to handle the stress of school and life as well. The thing that would make the greatest difference in her life, she says, would be to find a “forever,” family. She’s open to all kinds—a two or one-parent home, with pets or without, with siblings or not—as long as she can still see her birth siblings whom she loves a lot. If you have a completed home study and would like to open your home and heart to this lovely young lady, please contact Kareema Spearman at 215.683.6301

Photographer: Sarah Bones



Mikal, born March 7, 1996, is a bright, interesting 17-year-old with a magnetic personality and a great sense of humor. He describes himself as being passionate about life, outgoing and, at times, a bit “over the top.” Mikal is a creative kid. He particularly loves anything to do with fashion and has developed a keen sense of style from watching TV shows such as Basketball Wives and Single Ladies. Mikal attends high school where he works hard and earns good grades. Upon graduation, he’d like to go to school for cosmetology with the intention of becoming a master stylist and cosmetician. His dream—to open his own top-end salon one day. For now, Mikal is looking for that special “forever” family to help him live his potential. . If you have a completed home study and would like to open your heart and home to Mikal, please contact  Kareema Spearman at 215.683.6301.

Photographer: Dave DeBalko


Michael and Jabriel 

Michael, 13 and Jabriel, 12 are two very close brothers with winning smiles and personalities to match. Both boys are smart, friendly—though little brother is more outgoing—and very talented. Both excel in school. Michael was a peer tutor last year for reading, and Jabriel, an honor student, earned a prize at the science fair for his project. Both brothers are born artists too. While Michael spends his time filling notebooks with first-rate sketches, Jabriel is a natural performer with a beautiful voice and great dance moves. They also love church and all its activities. As for the future, Michael—thanks to his love of trains (he knows all the Septa routes)—wants to be a train engineer; Jabriel, a world chess champion.

For now, though, all they want is to be together in a loving “forever” family. If you have a completed home study  to open your heart and home to these wonderful children, please contact Kareema Spearman at 215.683.6301.

Photographer: Terry Hirst


With a touch of shyness, this handsome nine-year-old soon opens up to reveal a polite, smart, funny and totally delightful young man. Born October 8, 2003, Tajon does well academically, especially in math, although, an artist at heart, his favorite subjects are art and music.  He draws well (he aspires to be as good as Georgia O’Keefe) and plays a mean recorder too. He also likes to read, play videogames, and watch basketball and wrestling on TV. When he grows up, Tajon has a few ideas for a career, including being an artist or a firefighter so he could help people. “Maybe even a weatherman,” he says, “because you can be wrong and still get paid.” In the meantime, he’d love to go to Disneyworld, have siblings and a pet, and, most of all, be adopted by nice, caring people. If you have a completed home study and would like to open your heart and home to Tajon, please contact Kareema Spearman at 215.683.6301.

 Photographer, Terry Hirst


The Wonderful Folks at the Philadelphia Department of Human Services have created a lovely PhillyKids Connection Booklet that tells the Heart Gallery Story. With  pictures and bios of Heart Gallery Philadelphia kids.
(Click Here)


Heart Gallery Philadelphia Thanks:

Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church for hosting
Heart Gallery Philadelphia for the month of November, 2011

The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
8855 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118-2778
for hosting the Heart gallery Exhibit for the month of June, 2011

Heart Gallery Philadelphia was at The Please Touch Museum for
the month of February 2011 in celebration of “ART FROM THE HEART” ….
a month long festival at the museum celebrating art and family.  

The Heart Gallery Philadelphia exhibit is the only outside art work to be a part of this festival and shows The Please Touch Museums’ continued support and dedication to our Philadelphia area foster children in need of “forever families”.   Many heartfelt thanks to The Please Touch Museum, to our volunteers and supporters who helped set up….and as always to our wonderful and generous photographers.

Click Here for our 2011 Gallery of Kids for Adoption

Click Here If You Are Interested In Adopting
 and have completed a Home Study

How do I go about Adoption?

What is The Heart Gallery?

Visit Heart Gallery America

"The unspoken prayers in the hearts of all the waiting children are powering this movement ... a spirit of hope that is alive and making its presence known to help
them, to speak for them, to create a miracle of change
It's amazing to see something
greater than ourselves at work."

Tony D'Agostino, Designer,
Heart Gallery Supporter, New Mexico
Photo : Chris Crisman (ASMP)

         We are excited - The first Heart Gallery Philadelphia Exhibit opened on November 12, 2005 and we celebrated our 6th year with an exhibit at the Please Touch Museum - Last year we celebrated our 5th Gala Opening at the Plymouth Meeting Mall.  Two Children from Heart Gallery Philadelphia were selected for inclusion in the first ever 2006 National Heart Gallery, an exhibit in Washington DC, highlighting the work done by child advocates committed to Heart Gallery children around the country. For more information on the National Heart Gallery,
click here.

If you would like to volunteer your help, click here. We need help in fundraising, setting up and moving the exhibit, finding venues and exhibit space, catering and more. If you are an interested professional photographer, please email the Photographer coordinator.

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Media Coverage of the 2009 Heart Gallery Philadelphia 
Gala held at the Please Touch Museum in 2009



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